Reasons to Opt For Rattan Garden Furniture


Indoor and outdoor rattan furniture is one of the best furniture you can use for your patio, garden or conservatory area. Rattan is a term used to refer to over 600 species of palms found in the tropical areas of Asia, Australasia, and Africa. Furniture made from these palms are unique and durable, thus are a popular choice.

To manufacture the rattan garden furniture, rattan palms are split into the required sizes then steamed to make them soft and pliable. The first processing step makes it easier to manipulate them into the needed sizes and shapes. Whether it is a rattan sofa set, a rattan corner dining set or a rattan dining set, one can put a frame around it thus giving it an authentic look. The frames are usually made using solid teak; a material which gives it a tough look. This is important especially in warm climates or in other similar environments where rattan grows naturally.

The advantages of rattan furniture

Easy to maintain

Unlike hardwood and softwood furniture, rattan sofa set furniture is easy to maintain. It does not require moisturizing, sanding down or oiling. It thus retains its color, strength, and shapes for many years. Rattan furniture is also easy to clean since any dirt or dust can be easily washed away using plain water. For minor clean up, you will only require wiping it using a damp piece of cloth.

Lightweight and strong

Rattan, the material used in making rattan garden furniture, is both lightweight and strong. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for rough and outdoor use. Its soft texture implies that children can use it safely. Considering that the material is naturally available, it is also cost effective as compared to wood furniture. Visit and read more about furniture.


One of the key reasons to opt for rattan furniture such as rattan corner sofa set is because of its durability. It is manufactured in a way that it can withstand any aspect of the natural environment such as rain, heat from the sun and high winds. If there comes the point where you feel that your rattan is a bit outdated, you can opt for cushions, which bring forth a new and attractive look.

A variety of options

There is an array of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes to select from. Most people prefer black rattan garden furniture. Brown is a conventional choice. However, both are neutral enough for outdoor environments. Some people also prefer white rattan furniture.


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